Motivation made easy !


So thinking about organizing the week and how to find your through the next one, I find it best to layout the goals and commit.

Why not pick your commitment to your mat?

Sign in to your WC app, and hold your spot in your favorite classes for the week, and you have COMMITTED to yourself to make that time for YOU and your mat.

Download the APP, and take a look at your choices….

What days and times make sense to have that teacher that rocks your world, pushes you flat out to your edge and leaves you wanting to push further?

Or which days do you need grounding to settle after a big meeting, or growling shift. (tip: have your world rocked prior to the meeting, and get rid of the aggression first)

YOGA can take you places you don’t want to go, and leave you then to gracefully find your way through…AND…this teaches us patience, and how to find our way through LIFEs sometimes not so nice places, we don’t want to play in.

Think about what you need to accomplish this week, and then think the best way to get yourself through, and commit!

So download the APP today, and get your 2014 commitments to YOU going smoothly, now.

APP download – westcoastyoga


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