Preparing for a 30 day challenge!

Preparing your mind and body for a 30 day challenge!

Stay hydrated.
Your body is made up of around 75% water. It needs that water to keep so many functions in the body on the up and up.When doing hot yoga we tend to sweat A LOT, losing so much of that beautiful water that we need.Of course it’s very cleansing and very healthy to sweat however, its only healthy if we make sure we are replenishing our bodies with the adequate amount of water. During the sweating process we lose a lot of electrolytes, which are vital to the optimal function of the cells that make up our bodies. You will notice your muscles and whole body do not feel the same if you practice dehydrated. The body tends to tire easily and the muscles throughout the body tend to cramp up and want to rest.

By staying hydrated it will give you the potentially to have an amazing class each time.When doing challenges it can be hard to get to your mat everyday. Don’t let dehydration be a factor that makes it even more challenging!

·Replenish your body by drinking lots of water before and after your class, so pretty much all day long!

·Drink coconut water to replenish potassium and sodium levels

·Eat leafy green vegetable to replenish the loss of magnesium!

·Eating a banana after class is another easy way to get potassium and magnesium into your body!

·Indulge in a handful of trail mix or another snack that is lightly salted- replenish the sodium that was lost!

Don’t push yourself too hard.

During a challenge you will notice that some days are amazing and some days you just feel completely off your game! Try not to set unrealistic goals especially if you are fairly new to yoga. The challenge is ultimately to help you connect your body and mind, not frustrate you! Pushing yourself too hard can result in injury so its best to listen closely to your body and take it easy when you need to. Just stepping foot into the studio and being grateful for the warmth and energy from your fellow yogis is sometimes all you can do and that is totally okay.Dealing with an off day on our mats helps us conquer off days in our day-to-day lives.


If you are squeezing yoga into an already jam-packed schedule, good on you! I am sure it will help you feel relieved from the heavy load you are dealing with.However, make sure you are eating adequately and healthily so your body can perform its best on and off the mat. Sometimes we skip meals because we feel we do not have time.Your cells start stealing nutrients from other cells, bones and muscles when you don’t eat, therefor slowly depleting your body. Make sure you are eating enough to keep every system in the body working at optimal speed and strength.

Find a friend!
Finding a fellow yogi to attend classes with can be very inspiring and help give you insensitive to keep going back every day for that good stuff!

Smile and laugh

When you are feeling overwhelmed on or off the mat, JUST SMILE.Smiling sends signals to the body that you are content in life.Try playing the smiling game where you smile at everyone you pass in the streets throughout your day! Sometimes you find out that you really made someone’s day, or even week! Spread those beautiful West Coast yogi smiles.

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