Ready! Set! Goals!


You have your clear vision – now you can set some “real” goals. With 2014 well underway we start to look at how we are doing with our resolutions.  Now is a nice time to reevaluate and reassess what is working and maybe what is not.

When setting goals allow the goal to be simple if it needs to be.  Give a week commitment to your goal and let that be enough.  Feel good about achieving that goal and that will fuel you for the following week and so forth.

Be inspired.  Visual aids can be wonderful tools when it comes to setting goals.  From little post it notes, pictures, written out daily mantras to vision boards.  All this additional eye candy will keep you remembering, motivated and excited about moving toward your goal!

Share.  When you share your goals with others you receive an instant feeling of support, a sense of being held through your journey towards your goal.  Sharing also gives you the opportunity to gain insight and knowledge through conversations with others, something you may not learn by keeping everything to yourself 😉

Remember.  Setting a goal and not fully achieving it is better than not trying at all.  Celebrate your accomplishments, whatever they may be.  Making mistakes and failing can offer one of the biggest platforms there is for renewal, positive growth and change……. Stay tuned!


Breathe.  Feel.  Live.

Tracy S

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