Do your boots fit?

After studying our root chakras this past week , it becomes ever so clear that it is our base of stability, family, and experiences that have brought us this far.  This doesn’t  always serve us best.  If our base is not secure, stable, and surrounded with enough strength to grow and flourish, then we need to look at fixing that. History can either repeat itself, or we must CHANGE what didnt serve us, not spend years dwelling on what was. Who are you surrounded by, supported by?  Build NEW roots!  We are given many opportunities to grow new strong roots, that can compensate and balance what is missing.

Build “you” from the base up.

How can we climb to the top of our personal best, wearing boots with no support or ones that don’t fit properly? 

Introspective time and practice can allow you to peel away the layers of denial, doubt and uncertainty to reveal your next step.  Your next step toward the best version of wonderful you!

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