Would you really miss it?

At Westcoast Hot Yoga we want to give back.   And that is exactly what we are going to do!

Calling all things you’d be willing to let go of!

When was the last time you took a good look around at the abundance you live in?  Do you use everything? Do you need everything?  Better yet – do you even want all that you have?

I did a mjor purge  of my closet about a year ago.  Not only did it feel amazing to give things to people who would appreciate them more than me, I actually felt lighter.  I knew that the items in my closet I actually wanted, needed and used.  There was no “saving for good”  because evryday was good.  I wear everythig all the time and it feels so great because they are all my favorite things.

Helping make life easier for others and making consicous decisions is living wellness.  Healthy for the mind and soul.

We are now accepting donations at both our White Rock and Yaletown Studio locations, of new or used clothing items, shoes, boots, coats, yoga mats, whatever you would be willing to part from.  The items we generously recieve will be donated to various local charities and womens shelters. 

And remeber to ask yourself while you rummage through your things…….Would you really miss it?

Tracy S.




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