What does YOUR life look like?

We are always consumed at the beginning of each new year or season with looking

at what we need to change about ourselves.  Our diet and our excercise program exsistence or non

is the top of the pile…

What about the rest? Do you know that the #1 reason we eat late at night, overeat or keep toxic habits?

Our PRIMARY foods are off balance…sometimes WAY off balance

Do your own math here for me….

Draw a circle into 12 pieces(like cutting a pie in 12), then dedicate each slice to the following

Relationships-Home Enviroment-Home Cooking-Physical Activity-Health-Education-Career-Finances-Creativity,Spirituality-Joy-Social Life

Place a dot on each line of where you are content in filling that space. ie: closer to the tip end of the pie piece would give the smallest rating. Placement near the outer edge of the circle would give the highest rating.

CONNECT the dots to see your circle of life.

Identify your life’s imbalances to help you determine where you need to spend more energy to create a balanced life.

Now, look at it… What do you see? What areas need more of your attention?