Not Another Diet!

Many of my power food coaching clients have mentioned to me how the word “diet” brings up heavy emotions.  As it did for me, this word may be associated with much trauma in your life.  I acknowledge your pain, and I also want to explore the reason behind it.  Why is it that North American consumers have been subjected to countless diets since the mid 19950s?  What makes us all so different that we need to have multiple diets, all promising to release us from our feelings of guilt, anger and frustration through the improvement of our weight or diabetic states?

Now I don’t want to get too political here, but diets are a multi-billion-dollar business.  They represent supply and demand at its most basic form.  The demand is at an all-time high and is only getting higher as obesity and diabetes reach epidemic proportions.  With the rise in demand we see a rise in supply.  If you take a look at the history of diets, you see that obesity has increased through the years, so has the number of different kinds of diets being offered.  It is the basic law of supply and demand that has driven the diet industry for decades.  Bombarded by countless claims of salvation,  North Americans get to choose their next diet as if they were choosing a new flavour of ice cream.  The diet you choose may make you feel better about yourself for a little while, but in the end most diets only lead to failure.

The issue lies with the concept of diets.  Defined as a regulated selection of food, diets do not set you up for long term success.  As a one dimensional solution, diets do nothing to get to the roots of why you do what you do, why you take the daily actions that you take.  They only leave back at square one with a lighter wallet and feelings of frustration and guilt.  And by restricting you from something, diets cause conflict.  To experience abundant health and happiness, you must stop reaching for solutions that restrict you in any way and being looking at what you can start bringing into you life, representing acts of love.  Engaging your intentions is a very powerful daily act of love.  Eating living food is another very powerful act of love.  Both can be achieved without restricting your life in any way and have profound positive effects on your mind and body.  The more you add in, the happier, stronger and more energized you will become.

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Source:  “The Power of Food” by Adam Hart


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