Understanding Primary Foods. – Relationships


Of the 12 Primary Food groups that deeply affect our lives, here we focus on the first one – Relationships.

During the course of a lifetime, we have relationships with parents, grandparents, children, husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, extended family, friends, teachers, coworkers – the list is endless.  The quality of these relationships explains a lot about the quality of a person’s life and his or her health.  Just as no one diet is right for everyone, no one way of relating works for everyone.  What’s important is to cultivate relationships that are healthy and support your individual needs, wants and desires.

Consider how the relationships in your life feed your soul, viewing them as a form of nourishment to sustain and fulfill you! Do you have a good source of strong healthly relationships? Ones that  love, and support to sustain you ? Do you have as much to draw on, as is given from yourself to others?  Or, are you  spending too much time around an emotional vampire? We all know someone in our lives, or at least know someone who does. That person who sucks the life and energy from our very being!

This is it, relationships are a source of Primary Food. Primary foods feed us and are ingested. They are as important as the food we ingest! Toxic is toxic.

Consider where your relationships sit in your circle of life. Do they need attention?


source: Integrative Nutrition- Feed your hunger for HEALTH & HAPPINESS



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Source: Integrative Nutrition by Joshua Rosenthal