Benefits of the 80/20 Rule of Nutrition!

Nutrition is one of the biggest building blocks of a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Imagine waking up feeling refreshed, much the way you did as a small child?  Imagine life with no aches, no joint pain, no bloating, no sinus pressure, and no inflammation?  Eating a clean diet will make a world of difference.  Your body will feel more alive when more alive foods are consumed.

How does it feel when we eat a big meal?  Stuffed, bloated and uncomfortable?  Maybe some indigestion?  What if we planned to eat until 80% full?  What if 80% of our meals were plant based? Could we train ourselves to eat only 20% from grains and animal protein – for optimal digestion?

Plant based foods are more alkaline, and more healing for the body.  Eating 80% alkaline, and less than 20% acid forming foods is a good rule of thumb.  Animal protein, refined food, processed and fast foods are all acid forming, and should be kept to a minimum for optimal health.  Learn more about Acid and Alkaline forming foods to choose a balanced meal no matter where you are.

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Source: Integrative Nutrition by Joshua Rosenthal

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