Five Steps To Magic Number Success

Lat week we touched on The power of the 80/20 diet.  Now we are going to look at making it a lifestyle with the magic number.

The magic number to the Power of Food 80/20 rule, making it easier to experience daily success, is 51%.  This is your starting point, not 80%.  The key is to get to the point where you eat 51% of your daily diet based on living foods.  Once your diet reaches 51% living foods, your body and mind begin to assist you in your daily ability to make change and take bigger action to support your new strength and energy.  At this point you will begin experiencing a renewed sense of purpose.  Your love of life will gain power as your new healthy lifestyle takes hold.  And at this point 80% starts to happen on it own.  Waking up ready to attack your day full of strength and energy is a very addictive feeling.

Five Steps To Magic Number Success!

1. Discover four to six key power foods within six Power of Food Groups that you can start adding to your diet to reach your daily 51% consumption of living foods.

2. Eat your four to six Power Foods as a healthy snack throughout your day.

3. Begin to add each of the four to six Power Foods into your daily diet, without any restriction on what else you can eat.

4. Get creative with your four to six Power Foods.  Try making something from the recipe section.

5. Track your success daily in your Power of Foods Daily Food Journal.  You’ll find more information on using this journal and examples of recipes and Power Foods in Adam Hart’s book “The Power of Food”

Enjoy the feeling of health and vitality not for a few days but for a life time!

Stay tuned as we take a closer look next week on picking Power Foods.

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Source: The Power of Food by Adam Hart

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