How We Eat.

People dine in odd ways and places:  standing up, driving a car, on the subway, discussing business deals, watching television, reading a book and playing video games.  Eating is no longer viewed as an activity in and of itself, worthy of exclusive quality time.  What most people don’t realize is that while we eat food, we are also assimilating energetically whatever else is going on around us.  During eating, the body is an open and receiving mode, and we take in more than just the vitamins and nutrients in our meal.  We also absorb what is happening in the environment around us. If we eat in an ugly, noisy, neon-lit room, the energy of that space is going to penetrate us.  If we eat quietly in a beautiful park or by the ocean, we will also absorb the positive qualities of those surroundings.  When eating with other people, we absorb their moods, their laughter, their complaints and their busy minds.

Many people suffer from a range of digestive orders. These conditions are connected not just to what we eat, but how we eat it. Our bodies have sensors that connect our guts to our brains and our five senses. When these sensors are triggered, they get our digestive juices flowing, helping us to properly process our food.

Because of the nature of our bodies to “rest and digest,” the body likes to be relaxed, inactive and in a peaceful environment when assimilating food.  The body doesn’t want to be in tense “fight or flight” mode, alert for danger and unexpected events.  In this state, the eyes tighten, the heart beats faster and blood goes to the centre of the body.  Proper assimilation of the nutrients in food is essential to health.

Healthy eating means eating with all of our senses.  Experiment with ways to eat in a calmer, quieter, more loving way. Be creative and discover what you can do to bring your body into a more relaxed state during your meals.  It could make a big difference to your overall health!

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Source: Integrative Nutrition by: Joshua Rosenthal

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