Deconstructing Cravings – Hungry for Nutrition.

An inefficient diet of all processed food, rich in simple sugars and deficient in nutrients leaves the body starved for nutrition.  Sugar is fuel for cells, but they need vitamins and minerals to do their jobs properly.  Fueling your body this way makes your cells work, but does not give them the raw materials they need. What happens then is, you crave more food because your cells are starving for vitamins and minerals.  This is suffering from malnutrition.

The body is smart.  It tells you when you are not feeding it properly.  If you feed it fats, oils and sugar, it is going to send you messages that it needs more food.  It needs protein; it needs vitamins; it needs minerals.  But if you are not accustomed to eating vegetables, whole grains, and other nutrient-dense foods, you’re not going to decipher this message as a specific craving for something healthy.

A heart breaking number of people struggle with their weight and obesity.  They are addicted to sugar and processed food.  Most people don’t realize that they keep eating because their bodies are hungry for nutrition.  By introducing nutrient-rich foods that are low in calories,  especially whole grains and vegetables, the cravings for sugary processed foods will naturally begin to diminish.  A new sense of vitality sets  in accompanied by an overall feeling of well being!

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Source: Integrative Nutrition by: Joshua Rosenthal

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