Wellness throughout the week -PT 1

We are no longer working just 9-5 anymore. With the help, (really?) of modern technology, cell phones, iPads, etc, we can work virtually anywhere! This takes a huge toll on our body both physically and mentally. We need to take charge of our health and make it a priority.

We need to recharge our energy levels so we have energy left at the end of our work day, to share with our loved ones, and doing things for ourselves, that make us love our life.

We have already discussed at length the causes of overeating or overindulging period, has huge ties to life imbalances, and WORK is at the top of the list !



Track how much time you are spending outside of work ON work, and then set a limit. Take time daily for a break and lunch, even if its short, GET OUTSIDE! and…DON’T take your cell phone.

Be alone with yourself and look around and see what else is out there that is beautiful and a source of energy , without a battery in it.

Rate your own stress level: This is quite impressive to find out. Journal your day for a week or month, and then go back and read it. There is your answer.

Decide on one thing daily , that you could do to remove some stress. Try an exercise that makes you feel better on the way out, than going into the studio. So get your journal, and start writing. YOU WILL be amazed at what you see, right there in your own words!

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