Key Principles – Citta.

Last week we touched on”Atha” known as readiness and commitment in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.  Being the start of a new season – it is a beautiful and appropriate time to do some internal fall cleaning and reset your focus and commitment to your yoga practice.

For today and the weeks to follow, we will present and discuss many of the Yoga Sutras in sequenced and easily understandable way. Doing so will enable you to follow and apply the concepts and teachings to your personal practice and life in a meaningful, tangible way.

Lets look at ‘Citta”  Heart – Mind field of Consciousness. Citta primarily represents one’s mindset, or state of mind. Citta is heart / mind and emphasizes more on the emotive side of the mind. We are all conditioned by our experience. Whenever we see, hear, taste, smell, touch, feel, think, speak, or act, our heart and mind are affected. Its is our heart-mind field that accepts sensory input from the outside, processes it, integrates it into ourselves, and remembers, ruminates, and directs the delivery of thoughts, words, and actions. The heart-mind stores our experiences, including emotions, in memory, and over time uses this information to construct an identity that defines who we think we are.

Citta is our heart-mind, our outer and inner psyche, and the primary place of interest in the yoga sutras. Our heart-mind sits between the ever-changing outside world and an inner light of awareness. This inner light never changes, and it represents pure, unconditional love. A heart-mind sullied with mental-emotional baggage prevents the inner light from shining through, causing us to act or react according to our deep habitual patterns of behavior. As the heart-mind is clarified, more light can shine through it, and our actions become more loving and positive toward others and ourselves. One of the core aspects of yoga is the process of clarifying the heart-mind, so external objects are perceived accurately and truthfully.

Try this exercise – Think of yourself in broader terms, as if you were a citizen of the world instead of limited to your particular local culture. What might you do differently if you were free to act and not bound by conformity?

~ The power of the universe will come to your assistance, if your heart and mind are in unity.

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Source: The path of the yoga sutras By: Nicolai Bachman