Key Principles – Abhyasa.

Making progress in any endeavor requires time, effort, and focus. World-class athletes develop their progress after many years of continuous practice. What we learn from teachers and books is important, yet secondary to the knowledge we acquire through direct experience. That which cannot be described in words and can only be alluded to, the knowledge of our inner self, absolutely requires turning our attention inward on a regular basis.

Abhyasa is a disciplined, persistent effort to remain focused. This focus can occur during physical exercise, breath work, meditation, or even the act of learning a musical instrument or driving a car. Aabhyasa is the effort required to maintain a focus, and it is to be done continuously over a long period of time, with sincerity and care. Abhyasa involves a committed effort to maintain your chosen practice long enough to reap its rewards. Abhyasa along with viveka, is a primary practice that is fundamental to all progress.

Its important to stay on track and not give up, even when we want to. Practice makes perfect. If we can get ourselves into a good routine, practicing becomes habitual and, thus, easier. Whether we attend regular yoga classes or set aside time every morning to sit quietly and meditate, perseverance will ensure some level of progress, Over time, our body,breath, heart, and mind will become more clear, refined, and pure, benefiting not only ourselves but everyone around us as well!

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Source: The Path of The Yoga Sutras By: Nicolai Bachman