Key Principles – Vairagya.

When our attention is drawn outward, our heart-mind becomes entangled in the complex net of everyday activity. Attachment to things develop, until we are so involved with them that we lose perspective, identifying ourselves in terms of outer names and forms. As we slow down and turn inward, connecting with our inner light of awareness that quietly watches everything happening, we naturally lose interest in external, transient objects. We realize that the ups and downs of life come and go, ever spinning around the motionless hub of purusa.

Vairagya is an indifference to objects and a detachment from them. When an object is perceived, it can produce an attraction, which can lead to attachment. Over time the attachment may grow into a craving, and not experiencing the object again will upset us. If we are unaffected by the presence or absence of something then vairagya is happening. 

The goal is to keep our heart-mind focused on the inner light of awareness that is inside of us and all other sentient beings. The more our attention is there, the happier we are. Letting go of outer attachments unloads a burden that is weighing  us down and keeping us from experiencing the freedom that is yoga.


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Source: ‘The Path of The Yoga Sutras’ By: Nicolai Bachman