Be More with Less.

Simplifying your holiday season can be done with a few swift decisions. You really can simplify your holiday to the point of doing only what you want to do, giving freely without concern of a consumerism take-over, and finding time to sip hot chia by the fire with loved ones!

1. Decorate Less. Easier said than done for some, but by making the decision to decorate fewer parts of your home, or to put up fewer decorations than normal, you’ll simplify your holiday almost instantly. Donate the supplies you don’t use, and you’ll be storing less, dusting less, and packing/unpacking less each year!
2. Shop Less. Instead of buying arm loads of presents that most people on your list will promptly stuff in a closet or drop off at the Goodwill, commit to purchasing only one present per loved one, and making those presents consumable. Gift certificates to restaurants, wine, and yoga come to mind – all can be enjoyed without the problem of clutter!
3. Travel Less. You don’t have to attend every party you’re invited to. You don’t have to drive halfway across the country to spend a few short days with people you hardly know. Commit this year to spending your time with your immediate family and closest friends, and use Skype or face time to your advantage to send your love to those living far away. You’ll spend less on gas, hotel stays, and plane fares, and you’ll be far less stressed!
These three steps can help you cut loads of stress from your December, and free up hours upon hours of your time! Now, go to bed early, practice lots of yoga, drink hot tea, and enjoy all your free time this holiday season!

Evolved Living