30 Days! Namaste!

30 Days and Namaste!

Monday January 5th, 2015  marks the start date for our Westcoast Hot Yoga 30 day challenge!

We would like to offer you a little bit of insight about the benefits of committing to a Yoga challenge….and give a few inspiring tips to get you through your journey!

If there is one thing I feel we lack in the West, it is that sense of coming together as a whole for a common goal or purpose. Sure, many fantastic feats that have been carried out by large groups in the past. But I am talking about the ‘day to day’ lives we live. They can at times  lack “togetherness”. Our Yoga challenge is an opportunity for all of our students to come together in one place for a common purpose. It is a means to inspire practitioners to commit and realize the benefits of a consistent and daily yoga practice.

Yes there will be tough times, but that is the best part of the challenge! Making it through and being stronger for it!

Sometime the right path is not the easiest one.

Tips and considerations to ponder before you start  ~

1. Schedule it in ~ Write it down, put it on the fridge, stick it on your bathroom mirror. It helps and it makes a difference.

2. Find a Yoga buddy ~ Bring a friend! Hold each other up! Nothing like a good pal to light that fire under you everyday!

3. Attitude of gratitude ~ Attitude is everything. I was in a class once long ago where the teacher gave us the percentage of people in the world who actually have the opportunity to practice yoga in a beautiful studio setting. Since, I have not been able to find that number but trust me – it was LOW. Appreciate your opportunities and gratitude will flow out of you  and offer an overwhelming sense of abundance and energy!

4. Take care of yourself ~ Eat well, sleep well, go to Yoga and repeat. Yes there are jobs and family and tons of other distractions in between. If you get back to basics of nutrition and rest, you will find a new source of energy, one that will sustain and power you through. Yoga helps you sleep like a rock anyway!

5. Daily inspiration ~ Affirmations, quotes, whatever works. Maybe even make a small vision board. Again, write it down and pin it up! Only you know what inspires you! If you feel lost, take some quite time to reconnect with your inner compass!

6. Journal & reflect ~ Writing in a journal is an excellent way to  support yourself by staying connected with your inner most thoughts and feelings. Observances about your daily practice will guide you in, through and around your experience acting as a navigation tool!

7. Ask for support ~ You give. You give A LOT. Now the time has come for you to give back to yourself. No guilt, no fuss, just a simple act of giving to ‘you’ in a way needed to sustain that inner glow of yours! Let your family and loved ones know your intentions and ask for the support you need….you deserve it!

We hope to see you all very soon, on the mat, for new and sparkling beginnings!!

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