Are you worth 15 Minutes?

Once again we are approaching that time of year, where we start thinking about every single thing we need to change in our life.
If we look at how many years we have addressed the same issues, it is really truly alarming. LOSE WEIGHT, READ MORE, LESS WINE, DATE NIGHTS….
The list is endless! What is consistent though, is the annual list of things we need to change in our lives, but get overwhelmed and quit before the end of January.

TRY this…

Make a list of the top 3 things you would like to change.
Make a list of things that would help that change.
Try to take 15 minutes each day, to do something on that list.
15 minutes a day = just shy of 2 hours per week.

15 minute read
15 minutes phone call to someone you have been meaning to see
15 minute run, walk or better yet, stillness.
15 minute chat with your mate, NO TV, kids or interruptions.

IT takes just short of a month to make a habit, so before we jump head on
into 2015, attacking our resolutions, why not start with small
doses of making awesome choices?

Because really…not only must be the change we wish to see, we must start
something first, so why not make a promise to YOU, that you are worth
taking 15 minutes everyday to find a better, happier you!

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