Inspiring through 30 days of YOGA!

We are now well into our 30 day Yoga challenge!

Look within and notice what is working for you, and maybe what is not.

Keeping yourself hydrated, nourished and well rested takes care of a good portion of the physical aspects of being part of a 30 day Yoga challenge. But living with the mental and emotional aspects of practicing Yoga every day may present you with the unexpected!

Here are a few things you may want to consider as we move past the mid way point of our challenge!

Keep it fresh and inspiring by trying as many different classes as the studio has on the schedule. Each of the classes has something very different to offer. By taking part in different styles of yoga you will gain a much broader perspective and a deeper understanding of the practice of Yoga.

Practice at different times during the day. Our schedule offers classes as early 6am and as late as 8pm, depending on the day. As best you can, try practicing in different time slots and notice how that can feel and give something very different to what may be your usual experience.

Find some quiet alone time  for stillness, reflection and to remain open.  When we add something else to our list of things to do it can feel draining and tiring. Taking the time to process and keeping connected with the energizing and inspiring benefits of your journey will only fuel you.


Let go – let go all all of the unresolved emotional baggage you’ve been dragging around. When you commit to yourself and the art of living your Yoga – things come up. With out judgement (there is enough of that in the world) just let it go. Remember – you can let go, or be dragged. Its your choice.

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