Yes! YOU can do a teacher training.

The practice of yoga is INFECTIOUS. Once the practice becomes a habit, it’s quite easy to fall head over heels in love with its benefits. Typically – yogis and yoginis feel less stressed, more relaxed, connected to a higher power, in tune with their spirituality, more limber and flexible, confident, secure in their bodies, and a sense of overall strength. These feelings or emotions usually drive people to want to more. This more can be translated into a deeper practice, a better understanding of yoga’s history, or a stronger connection with oneself and a higher power. For all of these reasons, many people find themselves pondering the idea of yoga teacher training. Getting a yoga teacher certification is an amazing opportunity and blessing regardless of the end goal. Our program will teach the history behind yoga, the ancient lineage, the methodology and alignment of postures, meditation and breathing techniques, self-practice, anatomy, health and wellness, and Ayurveda (the sister science of yoga).  Our program will also provide a strong, supportive community where people listen attentively, offer a shoulder or hand, and become your forever friends and family.

There is something to be gained in a Yoga Teacher training for anyone who wishes to grow. Training in this way offers so much to any student who wishes to expand their view on what Yoga really means. The student can absorb so many different aspects to the practice and the art of living a Yogic lifestyle. The physical element in Yoga is only one aspect in the vastness of what Yoga actually is.  Yogic philosophy, breathing & meditating techniques and wellness counseling are all topics of study and conversation throughout the entire journey of the training.

Your mind starts to expand and evolve as you peel away the layers of whats not really you. If you can learn to break open, you can begin to learn not only about yourself, but others; you can find beauty in vulnerability.

Westcoast Hot Yoga is proud to offer on going Yoga teacher trainings, workshops and retreats….

Come in, explore & expand!

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