Going clutter free.

One of the best feelings is getting rid of “stuff.” Clutter around the house, in your closet, in your garage and in your car weigh you down. Simple as that. Energetically is absorbs and takes up space. Taking the time to get rid of the excess through recycling and donation is one of the best and most rewarding feelings, especially if you are looking for that “clean slate” or “fresh new start vibe.” Lets look at a few very simple ways you can de-clutter, feel lighter, and create a more sacred, healing atmosphere in your home and life!

I am a fan of this website on living a simple life by Joshua Becker

1. Get rid of half your decorations. As time goes on we accumulate. Its just the way it is. We are given gifts from friends and loved ones, we buy things here and there, we eventually just always end up with more “stuff.”  Take a walk through your home and choose the things that no longer serve your space. The best thing to do is find someone in need or donate to a local organization or charity. Its as easy as one quick google search to find out where you can help by giving.

2. Go through your closet. This one is my favorite. My rule is if I haven’t worn it in a year out it goes. I’ve recently gotten rid of almost half my clothes, shoes, jackets and hand bags. It was mildly ridiculous. The best part of this one is, these items are desperately needed at local shelters and charities. It feels good to lighten the load and give back.

3. The garage is not a garbage dump. Ha ha! No really, it isn’t. Once you and your family start respecting the poor old garage you may actually enjoy stepping foot into it. Recycle properly, don’t toss everything aside, and get into the habit of getting rid of things as you go along. You know deep down what you will never need or use again.

4. Keep your car free and clear of junk. A nice mantra you if you have kids ” The van is not a garbage can.”      Set firm rules. Keep a small plastic bag in the front if you need to to hold all the nonsense as it is hurled at you while your driving. LOL. Having a clean, junk free car just feels awesome. Some of us spend a lot of time behind the wheel, why not feel happy and light while your at it!?

Clutter in your physical surrounding will clutter your mind and your spirit.

Get rid of it. Then come to YOGA.

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