Why kids need yoga ~

Completely unexpectedly, it was when I started teaching a tween yoga class (ages 9-12) weekly at our White Rock studio location that everything changed in my eyes…..and theirs!

In January of this year we again started up our kids karma yoga. It runs Thursdays from 3:15 – 4:00 and it is offered by donation, all proceeds go to the breakfast club of Canada. We ran it last November a couple of times per week for the entire month and decided to bring it back by popular demand!

I was very excited about bringing this into the studio for a number of reasons. It is a wonderful community initiative, investing in youth and of course giving to the breakfast club of Canada makes it even better. In the past working with kids of all ages has always been very rewarding for me. It feels important for me to teach the beautiful tools of yoga to kids to help them cope with their struggles.

love a weekend not overscheduled but doing all my favorite things...

Here is what has transpired so far! The group has started opening up to the support of yoga in a very natural and organic way. They really feel the loving reinforcement of the space, their peers and the concepts that have been offered to them. One girl last week called it “therapy class” and my heart melted! We’ve covered topics like – What does yoga mean? Where is it from? We’ve covered breathing techniques to calm, sooth, clear and energize. We’ve discussed the meaning of OM and mantras, and the concept of setting intentions (wishes) and going within. We play yoga posture games where everybody has an opportunity to give input and be creative! Every week someone is chosen to bring in a topic of conversation to be discussed around a community or even global event. Something that we can look at and together talk about perspective and how we can be the change if needed. We focus on health, wellness, gratitude, giving, intuition and non grasping – the list goes on.  There are so many inspiring and incredible ways of living life that be offered to kids through the teachings of yoga. Slowly showing the kids how to look at life through the lens of a yogi guides them in the healthiest direction possible and reveals to them that they are already whole.                                   Mentally, physically and emotionally. They sure do LOVE savasana at the end!!

I am honored and consider it a privilege to lead this lovely young group through yoga.

This weeks mantra for the kids …

~ I am Strong ~ I am Beautiful ~ I am Enough~

PS – Don’t forget to grab your organic lolly pop on the way out!

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