When I decided to write this weeks blog post on the benefits of ” Not Complaining “, this passage immediately came to mind. I have shared it with my students a number of times throughout the years and I think it encompasses the concept beautifully. The Book is entitled “In love with the mystery” By Ann Mortiffe.

Any form of complaining is the small self becoming lost in self-importance. So much energy needed for awakening is wasted on complaining. We may not be able to change our external reality, but we can transform the negative thoughts and feelings that are our reaction to that reality. We have the chance to awaken from the nightmare we create through our resistance to what is. Stopping all complaining is one of the first steps. When we cease to complain, we conserve life force for what really matters. A new world begins. Each event becomes a mysterious opportunity rather than an inconvenient vexation. A tremendous amount of life force, once bound up in feeling sorry for oneself, is released. Where once there was frustration and self pity, there is now space for appreciation to bloom. The misguided belief that life should be other than it is dissolves and in its place, acceptance flowers, joy awakens, patience blossoms, and peace permeates.

PS – Keeping a gratitude journal can be a lovely support through this process!

Evolved living.