Overcoming fear by sitting…

Overcoming fear
“Meditation” the word, the concept, the thought gets most of us a little worked up. Many of us instantaneously getting tense and “I can’t”, “I’ve tried” …”I don’t have time”…”it’s not for me” are themes that often center our thoughts.
All of which are simply untrue. If you practice yoga you are already on this journey with the final destination being meditation. Sitting with your true self is being vulnerable, scared, truthful, open and free.
The practice of yoga helps us work through our physical, emotional and spiritual roadblocks, clearing our path so we can breathe. Breathing or “pranayama” helps moves our life force freely thus connecting us to our energetic self and activating our chakra’s.
All of this to lead us to one place- to meditate. To sit with yourself and truly experience self transformation.
The fact is bliss, truth, and peace is waiting but we are too afraid “to see”, to feel and face our fear. Overcome fear and peace will be yours.
Chakra mediation can be a gentle progression: of not only exploring the physical, spiritual and energetic layers of your true self, but can help you heal and overcome your past, your fear. To be free is to truly be alive.
So are you ready? If you don’t want to do it, it’s exactly what you should do.

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