Keep it a YOGA summer!



I’d like to share some reasons for you to consider keeping your Yoga practice strong through the warmer summer months. Its no secret that Hot Yoga is very popular – here’s WHY!

1.  Detoxification.  Hot Yoga detoxifies the body. The practice keeps a strong immune system and fights off colds brilliantly. Sweating flushes toxins from the skin and purifies the mind. The postures themselves are detoxifying for your muscles, organs, and glands and sweating furthers that.

2.  Breath. The summer heat can make us feel slow and tired, especially as the later afternoon rolls around. The deep breathing practiced in Hot Yoga sends huge amounts of fresh oxygen to every cell of your body.  This is revitalizing not only physically, but also mentally.

3.  Heal yourself.  With regular practice, these postures can help to heal old injuries and also prevent new ones. This is especially true, but not limited to, back pain. Hot Yoga is also known to reduce symptoms of conditions and illnesses including diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, depression, arthritis and obesity.

4.  Increased flexibility. The heat will allow you to safely reach new levels of personal flexibility, which is therapeutic for your body.

5.  Cardiovascular workout.  Your heart can work the same way doing yoga postures in a heated room as it does when running and you never have to leave your mat. Particularly in postures when you are balancing and contracting your muscles at the same time. A 90 minute class can burn up to 1000 calories. The way you stretch, compress your internal organs and glands also stimulate metabolism so you are burning calories quicker outside the room as well.

6.  Focus.  As you practice, and grow your practice, you gain tremendous focus and determination. The ability to focus carries over to your daily life.

7.  Strength.  Your body is your own Gym. This Yoga is low impact and uses muscles you didn’t know you had. Prime focus on spine strength which is key to a long healthy life.

Lying on your back at the end of class…..with a big huge oxygenated sigh of relief, you have a new passion for the day.

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