The ART of setting Boundaries….


Again inspired by the infamous YOGA Journal magazine – I’ve entitled this post the ART of setting boundaries. At the best of times ” setting boundaries ”  can take an enormous amount of skill.

When you can’t say no, it’s easy to burn out. The secret? Listen to your body to find your natural limits – along with core power, strength, and inner peace. ~ YOGA Journal

Our body’s natural boundary systems
Our physical body has its own barrier systems that are essential to optimum health and can serve as a barometer for setting limits. Here are just a few:

The autonomic nervous system (ANS) controls respiration and heart rate, among other things. It constantly scans our inner and outer environments to decide what’s safe and when to sound the alarm. When it’s out of balance, we become vulnerable to anxiety and depression.
The immune system assesses what’s “me” and what isn’t; if it detects something foreign, it mounts a response to fight it. When this system is out of balance, we get sick often or suffer from autoimmune conditions.
The enteric nervous system (ENS), often called our “second brain,” determines what’s nourishing and what causes inflammation. This system not only controls our digestion, it also plays a key role in immune response. And it helps regulate mood. When it’s out of whack, we get gut disorders, bacterial and mood imbalances, and more.
5 signs you need a little 
boundary CPR
Symptoms of nervous system hyper-arousal: Feelings of anxiety, increased heart rate, shallow and rapid breathing, and tight muscles and connective tissue.
You are often exhausted, even after a good night’s sleep. Your energy reserves are depleted, and self-care seems elusive.
Negative stories are on repeat in your head, or you tell them to anyone who will listen. These stories are often about the selfishness of others, and reflect resentment about the people you are helping. You feel like a victim, while others are to blame.
You feel intense emotions that seem disconnected from your own experience and more linked to other people’s feelings. This is called “emotional contagion”—you catch others’ emotions the way you would the flu.
You feel out-of-body, ungrounded, and almost ethereal—despite a regular yoga practice—and find it hard to connect with your inner truth, detect your needs, or even figure out what you want for dinner.

Many people fear that setting strong 
boundaries will make them seem or become uncaring. Paradoxically, however, it actually helps us be empathic in a healthy way. 
Social scientist Brené Brown, PhD, who has researched boundaries for years, has found 
that setting limits allows us to be more, not less, compassionate.

That seems like a get out of jail free card to me. Heres to setting boundaries, new beginnings, practicing yoga every single day and a life full of passion and love!!!

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Source: YOGA Journal Magazine

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