Furever Freed

Furever Freed is a great organization that helps dogs and cats find homes.  Every purchase of one of their charms helps another dog or cat find a safe and loving home and cares for them as they wait.

Animals have been found immensely therapeutic for the wellbeing of humans.  No wonder they are deemed man’s best friend.  They stimulate us in so many ways- touch, energy, exercise, and physical health.  You can’t help but smile when you see a puppy or kitten; a newborn who is still learning to see and sense the world around them.

Our furry friends are not so different from us.  They need love and companionship just the same as man.  They require food, shelter, and a support system behind them.

Animals can help people with a variety of mental health conditions including dementia, Alzheimers, depression, PTSD, and autism.  Additional benefits can include decreased anxiety and an increased sense of comfort and safety.

In the practice of yoga, we seek the same benefits for peace of mind, security, and boosting one’s immunity.  Yoga helps us to improve our physical health as well as our emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Yoga increases your heart rate, similar to playing catch with your dog.  Yoga is often a practice based in community which helps combat isolation and loneliness, just the same as having a pet.

There are numerous ways we can help others (those with paws), and in the end we gain so much by loving a furry friend.

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