The Healing Power of Love

Recently, while in a massage treatment, a woman spoke Truth over me:

The teacher appears when the student is ready.

My soul recognized it’s wisdom and over the weeks, solidified.

When I think back to the people, places and practices that have influenced me most, their appearance is akin to Divine timing – what I like to call, Synchronicity.

Most of us come to yoga as seekers- of what, we’re not always certain. We may have the notion of slowing down, rehabbing our bodies or needing inner peace, but what we soon discover is a (better) way of life.

At the root of yoga philosophy is Love and it is my belief, that nothing has the power but Love, to transform.

Because at a fundamental and metaphysical level, it’s Love that casts out ALL Fear.

In the areas we feel sick or stuck or hurt, it’s fear – or loveless thinking– at the root.

  • The fear of not being enough.
  • The fear of failing – something or someone.
  • The fear of being unwanted, unloved or rejected.

This is the case for me, anyway and I’m willing to bet I’m not alone!


I remind myself daily that fear isn’t real.

It’s F-alse E-vidence A-ppearing R-eal.

And with the right tools- ones rooted in Love- I can face and conquer and over come the things that hold me hostage.

I’m sharing a few of these practices in the FEMME Sunday Workshop Series, starting November 18th, 2018.

Over the course of four weeks, we’ll explore:

  • Breath Work for Fear and Anxiety
  • Meditation for Beginners (Guided and Self-Led)
  • Intro to Energy Healing (Body and Nervous System)
  • Movement Medicine for Hard Emotions (Anger, Grief, Depression)

These practices have saved me time and again. I return to them daily to still my anxious mind, cradle my heart and bless my physical body with the Wisdom and Love it needs to heal and renew.

This course is for you:

The woman cultivating self love through meaningful self care that helps her love her people well. 

The woman restoring her vitality, through the restoration of her physical and emotional health. 

The woman actively healing  to free herself and her family lineage of past pain, trauma and sickness.




Meet Kailey Veenstra

Friend, student and contributor to Live Westcoast Retreats, we’re excited to officially welcome Tarryl’s daughter, Kailey, to our faculty family.

Kailey is a writer, speaker and teacher in the area of healing + spiritual formation.

She’ll be sharing her heart and experience through workshops, blogs and upcoming retreats.

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