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Happy New Year! I hope you’ve enjoyed a restful holiday and are ready to embrace a new year!

This year I look forward to creating more opportunities to be in community, practice the teachings of yoga on and off the mat, and share the love I have for yoga and somatic therapy.

For me, yoga and somatic therapy work in partnership to foster the process of awakening to joy, wholeness and freedom. Yoga can be defined as union, in otherwords wholeness or non-separation. Yoga is often times a solitary journey, a beautiful inward path, providing the necessary quiet and space for reflection and inner knowing. But there are some aspects of our healing that require relationship and connection to another person. Relational Somatic Therapy (RST) is based on the premise that we are wounded in relationship thus we need to heal in relationship. Somatic Therapy is a body based form of counselling that integrates the left and side of our brains, the thinking and feeling sides, in order to release the hold of traumatic experiences and to help us update our belief systems to let in more joy and freedom. We access our “inner knowing” through the felt experience of the body (intereoception).  So much of our reacting to the world, our fears and anxiety, is the way our nervous system learned to protect us from real or percieved threat, but as adults this activation can keep us feeling like we are stuck or afraid for seemingly no reason. Somatic Therapy helps to build resiliency in our nervous system so that we can integrate all of our life’s experiences, so we can take in all that life has to offer.

Somatic Therapy Counselling Session

If you are interested in exploring Somatic Therapy please feel free to contact me with any questions you have or to book an appointment  I am offering sessions at a reduced rate of $40/90 minute session, as I complete my practicum.

January 26, February 2 & 9  12noon-1:30pm
Foundations of Meditation 

My relationship with meditation, like for many people, is a struggle. This is my tiny offering of the parts of the practice that keep me returning to my cushion. Each workshop will include 20-30 minutes of seated meditation practice.

Workshop 1 Philosophy – “The 8 Limbs of Yoga”
Workshop 2 Science – “The 4 Stages of Meditation”
Workshop 3 Spirituality – “Suffering and Sangha (Community)”

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