We don’t go dormant. We continue to walk out our truth.

We’re still learning how to healthily process peoples negative reactions of us; ways to heal and move forward without their understanding, apology or change in judgement.
We’re accepting that encouragement of our gifting, empathy for our struggle and the embracing of change, may not come from the places or the people we might want – or expect.
Regardless, we strive to remain open, authentic and not walled off in fear of ridicule. Because love risks rejection in hopes of genuine connection.
No, we don’t go dormant. We continue to walk out our truth.
We are being brave. We are being bold. Anyone who can’t deal with it can leave.
No more.
We’ve been hiding far too long.
Here’s to the brave and holy work of showing up, stepping out and re-membering who we are.
Join in sacred community on Friday nights, with Kailey Veenstra for an inspiring and courageous step in reclaiming your Divine Feminine Wisdom.

FEMME 2.0 – Progressive Workshop Series 

Fridays 6:30pm – 8:00pm 
Feb. 15 – March 8

Week 1: Inner Healing Practices
Week 2: Boundaries for Empaths
Week 3: Connect to Feminine Wisdom
Week 4: Movement for Empowerment
Register Online Now: http://westcoasthotyoga.ca/…/femme-healing-workshop-series…/
Writer. Speaker. Wounded Healer.
Kailey teaches emotional + spiritual wellness through Love.
She facilitates Healing Workshops, online and in-person, for freedom of the Mind, Body, and Spirit.
Join her this february for FEMME,  a 4 week progressive series featuring inner healing practices, boundary activation for empaths, and movement for hard + heavy emotions.

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