Recap on Retreat Weekend

In mid-July we were so grateful to be able to escape to Pender Harbor for our weekend yoga retreat! The retreat consisted of a beautiful group of humans, yearning for time to connect in nature and recharge. We did daily journaling, yoga, hiking, reiki, and all-around self-care practices. We left the weekend feeling recharged and refreshed. I wanted to share some of our feedback from the humans who were a part of this weekend as well as share some of our favorite pictures! Our next retreat will be September 20th. Reserve your spot today at

“It was an amazing weekend, yes out of my comfort zone but totally worth it. Tarryl you are such a wonderful person, an amazing teacher and a great cook. You made reasons for me to smile. The whole retreat was a great experience, a positive environment, delicious food, swimming in the lake. Love you all”

“It was a wonderful experience, so beautiful and heart opening. Amazing food, beautiful people, and a heavenly experience. The purpose of this retreat was to live, to taste, and to experience new things without fear. The pain I feel in my heart is like a stab, but I have also learned in this retreat that because of pain, I can feel the beauty of tenderness and the freedom of healing. Lots of love to you all.”

“I always love hearing how people enjoy /receive a shared experience. We can see and do the same things, yet each has a different felt sense/take away–exactly what we need uniquely and yet collectively. I definitely felt that this past weekend. I was greatly blessed by each of your presence, open heart, and life experience. I learned so much. Seeds were planted. Thank you for holding and sharing space. I look forward to more.”

“What a beautiful group of souls you all are. I was honored to share the weekend with you. Thank you. I couldn’t have imagined a better first retreat, it was filled with bits of everything. Such open minds sharing views of life and trying new things. There are so many ways to experience healing: yoga, energy work, hiking, laughing, nature, and of course dancing.”

“Tarryl, cook extraordinaire, thank you for nourishing us with delicious food all weekend. I look forward to connecting with you again.”

“It was a time for me to surrender, while exploring/learning to heal at a whole other level. Tarryl, the food was outstanding. I loved the way the weekend organically happened and how we shared in our various physical pursuits and conversations. No catfights or bickering. There was more laughter than I have experienced before at a yoga retreat. You are all beautiful women inside and out. It was a privilege to spend the weekend with you all. “

Interested in our next retreat? Reach out with any questions you may have. And remember, you deserve this. We can’t wait to connect with you. Reserve your spot at

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