From the Eyes of a New Teacher: Meet Komal

With our upcoming Comprehensive 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training starting September 20th, we thought it would be great to interview a previous grad! I’m sure you’ve seen Komal as a new addition on our teaching schedule and we are so happy to have her. In this interview you can hear from her perspective what YTT was like, what she gained from the experience, and why yoga is such an intricate part of her life.

Q: When did you find yoga? What drew you to it?

A: I have been doing yoga since 2011, but had always wanted to learn more about poses: benefits of the poses, reasons for certain names of the poses, etc. My fitness teacher, Trish told me to meet Tarryl at Westcoast in 2014 and from there my teacher training started.

Q: How long did you practice before wanting to teach?

A:  Honestly I never thought about teaching when I enrolled in the first 100 hour teacher training module. But as I mentioned earlier, I was fascinated with yoga anatomy. During the 2nd portion of the teacher training, I lost my son and went through a great deal of trauma. Because of this, I could not finish the training. However, Tarryl was always there for me and after a while she took me to class just to be there. I later decided to take the second portion of the training. I would feel close to my son while doing my own practice. To this day, I still have that feeling. I regained my voice while practicing yoga and became more connected during meditation.  

Q: What made you interested in teaching?

A: Every day was different . Yoga is still helping me to heal which inspired me to teach and help others in any way. Everyone is broken from somewhere  and yoga helps to heal that broken part. But only if you allow it to heal, of course.  

Q: What was you experience being a part of teacher training with Westcoast?

A: Teacher training at West Coast actually plays a big part in my life. It is not just about the 200 hour or 300 hour TT– it is about finding myself. I got my confidence from this teacher training. My mentors Tarryl, Katarina, and Charlene are amazing teachers. The way they teach, their communication, and their friendliness are inspiring. They approach students and share their knowledge in such an amazing way. 

Q: What was something you learned about yourself in teacher training?

A: Actually I learned that i have beautiful voice 🙂 I keep getting that comment. I also learned so much about anatomy and am still learning daily!  

Q: What kind of advice would you give someone who wants to do teacher training?

A: My advice would be to love yourself, find your passion, and most importantly: listen and believe in yourself. Gain experience with what you love. Yoga is a beautiful journey and take your time to experience it.

Be sure to keep your eye out for Komal on our upcoming fall schedule! She is a light and we are so, so thankful to have her as a part of our teaching team. If you have any questions about the upcoming teacher training, email at

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