Yin Yoga Training

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Westcoast Hot Yoga White Rock BC

$699 + Tax

Deepen and take your practice to a whole new level with our upcoming Yin Yoga Teacher Training! Wether you are looking to broaden your current teaching skill set or simply enhance your own Yoga practice, this training is for you!

Here are just a handful of gifts offered through the practice of Yin Yoga.
Calming and balancing to the mind and body
Regulates energy in the body
Increases mobility in the body, especially the joints and hips
Lowering of stress levels (no one needs that)
Greater stamina
Better lubrication and protection of joints
More flexibility in joints & connective tissue
Release of fascia throughout the body
Help with TMJ and migraines
Deeper Relaxation
A great coping for anxiety and stress
Better ability to sit for meditation
Ultimately you will have a better Yang practice
I really do believe that if you incorporate a little of both will create a more well-rounded practice as well as a better-rounded version of the awesome you!

Source: Mindbodygreen.com


40 hr. Yin Yoga teacher’s immersion

w/Lauren Roegele ERYT 500


March 3rd 6 – 9pm

March 4th 9am – 5:30pm

March 5th 9am – 5;30pm


March 8th – 9pm

March 11th 9am – 5:30pm

March 12th 9am – 5:30pm


In this (40hr.) teacher training Lauren will address the elements of Yin Yoga, and how to incorporate this practice into your body and into your classroom. This course will be broken down into 2 (20hr) weekend trainings. Both weekends will include relevant lecture, question and answer periods, teacher led asana practice, partner work, small group work, time teaching and take home homework assignments.


To further explore the quiet beauty behind this practice Lauren will cover:

  • What is Yin yoga & the main concepts behind the practice
  • What is Yin & Yang
  • The power of Intention & approach
  • Yin tissues vs. yang tissues and why it’s important to “exercise” them differently
  • Compression vs. tension – what’s holding us back in a posture
  • The different ways we can move & direct energy in our body/practice
  • Exploration of Chinese meridian lines as they pertain to Yin yoga
  • Yin yoga posture break downs
  • Yin yoga sequencing
  • Time as a teacher teaching yin yoga


The price of training includes your textbook; “The complete guide to yin yoga” by Bernie Clark and you will receive a certification upon full completion of the immersion. The 40hrs can apply to your Yoga alliance continuing education credits or towards your WestCoast Hot yoga 300hr teacher certificate.

Hot Yoga Teacher Training 2017!

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