10 Card

$185 10 classes over a year, great for beginners

10 classes for 1 year, commitment issues? Start here...

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10 Day Unlimited

$79 Consecutive 10 Day Period

All the classes your heart desires over a 10 day period.

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100 Card

$1299 100 Single-Class Cards

100 classes, anytime. Maybe just for fun try and cram them all into a month or two. *One year expiry. *Shareable. *Not transferable. *Medical Extensions available.

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20 Card

$325 20 Single-Class Cards

Double the fun of the 10 Card! You could almost binge-practice... *One year expiry. *Not shareable or transferable. *Medical Extensions available.

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50 Card

$750 50 Single-Class Cards

50 anytime classes - works out to under $12 per class! A bargoooon! *One year expiry. *Shareable. *Not transferable. *Medical Extensions available.

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$22 Single Class

Dew Drop In anytime, any class

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$159 Each month

Feeling commitment challenged? No worries. We're more flexible than a half-moon.

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New Student Trial

$69 One Month

GO CRAZY! Unlimited First Month! New Students Only!

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Westcoast Honours

$108 Monthly- up to 5 days per week

Automatic Payment Plan Required. GST Extra. Contact the studio for more information.  

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