Tarryl Plain

Owner, Operator and Instructor

tarryl-teamTarryl began her journey in  hospitality and business management. After years of long work days, travelling on business, and life 101s grind, she took her  fitness licence to and began teaching , making her take time for both stress release and as an outlet for personal creativity. To improve her edge and focus, Tarryl spent the last 20 years annually attending fitness and wellness conferences. 15 years ago Tarryl embraced Yoga to balance the yin and yang of her teaching and own personal wellness training. She joined Westcoast in 2010 as General Manager, implementing and introducing dozens of new classes, workshops, retreats, as well as
establishing WHY’s Registered Yoga School. In 2016, Tarryl purchased the studio and is now its new owner-operator. She is passionate about seeing WHY’s legacy continue and evolve in nurturing the health and well being of its client family.


Renate Jassmann

renateWestcoast Hot Yoga Memberships Services Coordinator

Renate has been with Westcoast since 2007, and started in reception after falling in love with practicing Yoga with us.

Renate is head Client Accounts Manager and membership services for the company and assistant to operations.


Kailey Veenstra

Marketing & Social Media

kailey-teamWith broad experience in the area of brand management and marketing, Kailey puts her creative skills to work handling WHY’s visual ad copy, marketing communication and social media management. She hopes to inspire, motivate and welcome clients to find their place on the mat through engaging invitations.





Tracy Simpson

Tracy-2Teacher, Blog Writer Extraordinaire & Social Media









Lynn Higgins

user_13_avatarAssistant to Operations & Karma Program Lead







Chris Dollard

Web & IT


Over the past two decades Chris has delivered award winning marketing and technical communications engagements to clients, as both a consultant and an entrepreneur.

With a broad range of expertise in writing, graphics, web development, and video production, Chris helps organizations focus their goals into succinct, targeted communications to help stakeholders and clients gain crystal clear understanding of their value and the way forward. As the web designer/developer for this site, contact him directly for any potential web communications work you may be contemplating.

Chris Dollard