Understanding Primary Foods. – Spirituality

Spiritual nutrition can feed us on a very deep level and dramatically diminish cravings for the superficial rewards of life.  We all search for meaning in our lives and feeling at one with the world can help satisfy that longing.

Harmonizing with nature is a way of spiritual practice.  But it could be many different things – daily meditation, attending religious services, reading inspirational texts or walking in the woods.  Whatever it is, commit to it and deepen your practice.  Developing spiritual openness and sensitivity can add depth and meaning to your life in a way that nourishes you on a profound level.

Almost all forms of spiritual practice come down to one thing:  the more we bring our individual lives into alignment with the whole of existence, the more we feel nourished and at peace.  Awareness practices can help connect that alignment.  They are designed to quiet the busy mind, relax the body and bring a sense of attunement with existence.  Prayer, meditation and ritual meals are all common awareness practices found in many religions and spiritual traditions.

Whatever you choose to deepen your spiritual practices with,  allow the flow of life and love to come through to nourish your soul.

Evolved Living

Source:  Integrative nutrition – Joshua Rosenthal