Track your success daily

The last step to reaching the Magic Number is tracking your daily success in a journal.  Each day, list everything you eat.  Then place an X or a check mark beside each food, depending on whether the food is living or processed.

At the end of the day, count the number of Xs and check marks and record the total at the bottom of the journal.  If you have more check marks than Xs, you’ve reached the Magic Number of 51% or higher!

By tracking your daily intake of Power Foods, you will begin to grow a stronger relationship to healthier eating and see more clearly where your diet can be improved.  Your feelings of success will build momentum as you begin living with a renewed excitement and energy around your healthy results!

The journal you keep is not a calorie counting system, and it not designed to keep track of portion sizes.  Your only goal is to increase the number of times you eat Power Foods on a daily basis. This will allow you to begin controlling your blood sugar and enable your body and mind to begin receiving the nutrients it has been starving for.  Using this journal daily will allow you to remove your countless food cravings and enjoy some freedom from your unhealthy food addictions.

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Source:  The Power Of Food by Adam Hart


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