Understanding Primary Foods. – Career

In today’s society, most of us spend eight to ten hours a day at work and very little time with our loved ones.  While we are choosy about who we relate with intimately, we spend years doing work we can’t stand and that may be completely opposed to our personal values.  How many of us complain constantly about what we do, but feel powerless to change it?  This feeling of helplessness is not a nourishing lifestyle.

We don’t realize the extent to which our lives would improve if we were doing work we loved.  We have little to no understanding of our ability to walk away from a particular job or career and begin a new one.  In the flexible, fast-moving job market of today’s business-oriented society, we can easily have three, four or five careers in a lifetime.  Most of our parents and grandparents didn’t have such choices.  They knew one craft, one skill, and that was all they did.  They were dedicated to the company, and the company was dedicated to them.  But the modern business environment is different.  Although today’s work situations seem stable, they are more flexible and allow for more personal responsibility.  Each of us has the power to try working for different companies, reinvent our careers and seek out jobs that we find personally and financially satisfying.

There is no right answer about what work means or how to find happiness in your career.  Maybe you love working hard in a corporate environment.  Maybe you need a less conventional, more flexible relationship with work.  Everyone is different.  Be honest about what works for you.  Remember that we all need to nourish ourselves by finding work we love and being paid fairly for it.

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Source:  Integrative Nutrition by: Joshua Rosenthal