Understanding Primary Foods. – Home Life

Home life can be one of the most brilliant ways to nourish your mind body and soul.  When we feel safe, happy and nourished at home, a sense of balance and well being shines through!

There are many ways we can create a welcoming, loving and warm environment to raise our families and live in harmony.

Some of the many ways we can look at promoting  health and wellness include rituals.  Eating together,  staying home together watching movies and playing games are a cheaper and at times a much more enjoyable way to spend quality time with those you love.   Celebrate.  Celebrations, small or big, bring everyone together creating memories than can be cherished and reflected upon for a lifetime.

A few other things you can reflect upon and consider – Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Let go of perfection.  Blow off steam and exercise.  Put out healthy food to snack on. Promote open and effective communication.  Respect boundaries set by yourself and others.

Bringing awareness to your home life can give you a clearer vision of any imbalances allowing you to make healthy choices for you and your family!

Evolved living

Source:  Integrative Nutrition by: Joshua Rosenthal