Understanding Primary Foods. – Creativity

Part of the Primary Food Circle is Creativity! Be inspired by being CREATIVE!

Here are some awesomely fun ways you can bring more creativity into your own life and find more balance.

Stop watching television. TV is a mind killer.  It numbs you.  It fills you with emotionally charged images and over simplified solutions.  It dulls you.  Turn it off.

Take a 20 minute walk everyday.  Talk a walk and allow the world to just be. Watch things.  Stop and smell things.  Notice birds.  Let the world unfold and show itself to you.

Write with a pen & paper.  Keep a journal. Open up that tactile sense loving part of us that loves to create.

Dance around the house.  Put it on loud.  While you make dinner, getting ready, feel energized and free!

Make a vision board or collage.  An incredible way to unleash your creative side!  Magazines, glue, tape and post its!  Don’t hold back, just let it flow.

Go see a play or live music. Get out of the house and experience creativity.  Live performance is an exchange.  As an audience member you get to participate.  You receive so much more live energy from shows.  Theres so much life on stage, so much authenticity.  You can help but take it in.  

Visit a gallery. See another artist’s creations! Experience the artistry of someone gifted!

There are many ways to bring in an abundance of creativity into your life and nourish your soul!  Experiment, have fun & be open!

Evolved Living

Sources: Integrative Nutrition by: Joshua Rosenthal & Ways to be more creative by: Christine Kane