Love knows no borders

There is a lot of craziness and confusion in the world right now.

I would like to dedicate this blog to the significance of personal power. How each and every person can make a difference in bringing much needed peace into OUR world….



Lasting peace begins with the hearts and minds of us all. Peace in our thoughts, prayers and meditations translated into peace in the world. More than ever, we as individuals need to know this to be true. As I am writing this I asked my little boy what he thinks of when I say the word peace….. He said ” You ~” Gush…..looks like I’m doing something right…

~A peaceful heart makes a peaceful person ~ A peaceful person makes a peaceful family ~ A peaceful family makes a peaceful community ~               A peaceful community makes a peaceful country ~A peaceful country makes a peaceful world ~

Lets look at a few simple ways we can be a channel for peace –

1. Declutter your mind. Let go of self doubt, negative thoughts and sabotoging behaviours.

2. Random, small acts of kindness.

3. Let go of judgement. Of yourself and others.

4. Smile. Speaks volumes. Lifts a heavy heart.

5. Give. Your time, your love, thoughts & prayers. Let go of material things that mean nothing to you and give it all away. Liberating and freeing. Creates SPACE.

“I am absolutely convinced that no amount of wealth in the world can help humanity progress.                                                                                            The world need permanent peace and lasting good will.” ~ Albert Einstein

Namaste & Happy Holidays

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