The Small Things We Can Do To Help Others

I know many of us feel exhausted by the time Christmas and New Years have passed, but this is the time of setting resolutions, or goals for those of us who refuse to utter the word resolution, about the upcoming year.  This year however, allow yourself to be open to new experiences within your community.  You can join a club, take part in a fundraiser, volunteer some time at a community garden, or partake in a political rally that you believe strongly in.


It is with much debate that it is the small things that count the most, but I do believe it is true.  We don’t realize how much a mere smile can turn someone’s day around, or hearing their favourite song blast from the stereo.  Stick with the small, seemingly insignificant things, because those are pure magic moments.

Purchase the cup of coffee that the person in line behind you ordered, invite a few friends over for a movie night that are presently going through a rough time, or join a book club with vastly different people than those you typically surround yourself with.  Bake some cookies that you can bring in to the next work/team meeting.  Offer to buy lunch for a friend or coworker.  Donate those extra five jackets you no longer wear to the nearest women’s shelter, or simply donate your time at the SPCA one weekend.  There is an endless number of options available to you in order to make a difference in someone else’s life.


If you want to get involved sooner rather than later, there is an upcoming event happening here in White Rock on February 3rd and 10th.  If either night works for you, great!  Come join us for an evening of Addictive Comedy.


Proceeds will donated to The Avalon Recovery Society – dedicated to helping women in recovery from addiction.  You can visit them at or visit their Facebook page.


Kent Street Activity Centre

1475 Kent Street, White Rock

Doors open @ 6:30pm, show starts @ 7:30pm.

Tickets are $20.00

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