Intentions, Prayers + Goals for 2019

I don’t set new years resolutions.

I set Intentions.

Then Prayers.

and finally Goals.

… and I do them in that order.


Here’s why:

Resolutions have us focus on our LACK- our mistakes, imperfections and weakness.

And I don’t think that’s a great jumping off point- not for our days, let alone our years.

We’re hard enough on ourselves as it is!

Instead, I like to start from a place of LOVE– of acceptance and compassion, letting that fuel our way forward.

This past weekend, we entered a New Moon, with it’s supportive energies for helping us zero in on our work for 2019. And by work, I don’t just mean your job or career. I’m talking about the things you feel called to- your most valuable contributions and investments of time, energy, money and resources. Only you know what those things are- and they look different for everyone!

This moon is asking us to also consider our disciplines- the routines we have or do not have in place- that will nurture us in the process.


Do you see a theme yet?

Our BEING, as well as, our DOING.

The masculine and The feminine.

How can we bring them into alignment and unity, for our Highest Good in 2019.

So Before you hit the ground running this new year, take advantage of the celestial energies for a soulful exploration of your Intentions, Prayers + Goals for 2019.


In this 8 minute video from a live coaching call, you’ll learn:

  • Intentions VS Prayers VS Goals
  • How to intentionally set your own
  • Journal Prompts for authentic ways of BEING + DOING 2019

Simply watch the link in profile. Subscribe + voila! Immediate access.



I hope this serves you in your living and loving the new year!

– Kailey

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