Shift, release and transform your hard emotions

We tend to think Happy and healthy means peaceful and calm. But it isn’t always- especially when the battles hard.
Whether we’re wrestling our ego, our pasts or our hurts- ones we’ve done or have been done to us- we all experience difficult emotions: anger, shame, grief, anxiety, depression. That doesn’t make us weak people- it makes us human.
Hard emotions have been given a bad rep, but they aren’t bad in and of themselves. It’s how they’re yielded, used and harnessed that matters-  for love or in fear.
Hard emotions have been some of my greatest teachers. They’re revealed things to me -and about me- I never would have seen with higher vibe emotions. They’ve pointed to me untruths, injustice, unhealed pain and unexpressed feelings that needed my attention.
I’ll be the first to admit, I haven’t always worked through hard emotions well or healthily. I’ve hurt myself and others in the unravelling. I’ve wielded them as weapons rather than white flags. I’ve burned bridges and paths and relationships with their heat.
Yet the Fire of hard emotions have purified, not destroyed.
Like fear, we must learn to enter in, because the only way out, Is through.
I know, because I live this… and I’m still here to tell my story.
Whatever it is you’re facing, I’d love to walk beside you; encourage you on the journey and share tools and practices that have helped me walk the chasm to personal freedom.
Together, well shift, release and transform our reality, whiling connecting to our inner light and wisdom.
Join me for FEMME 2.0 – a four week progressive healing series, starting Friday February 15th, 2019.
We’ll explore inner healing practices, boundaries for empaths, feminine wisdom and movement for empowerment.
Writer. Speaker. Wounded Healer.
Kailey teaches emotional + spiritual wellness through Love. 
She facilitates Healing Workshops, online and in-person, for freedom of the Mind, Body, and Spirit.
Join her this february for FEMME,  a 4 week progressive series featuring inner healing practices, boundary activation for empaths, and movement for hard + heavy emotions.

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