6 Strategies for Easing Fear and Anxiety When Public Speaking

I was asked recently by a student, how I ease fear and anxiety while speaking or teaching. I shared 6 strategies that work wonders for me- though I admit, I love public speaking; the larger the crowd, the better! None the less, I still get nervous and these work.
1. Identity what exactly makes you nervous and name the fear out loud. Then talk to it, even in a whisper. “______, I see you. Thank you for trying to protect me, but I do not need you now. Sit down.”
2. Meditate prior, connecting to your Higher, Wiser, Divine Self.
3. Visualize yourself killing it with confidence.
4. Talk to your scared inner child like a good mother would, encouraging her/him, out loud. Remind her/him they are confident, strong and worthy to be up there. Someone needs to hear what they have to say!
5. Think of one person you feel very comfortable talking to and visualize speaking to them only, while presenting.
6. Look slightly above the heads of the crowd, rather than right at people- they won’t know the difference! Alternatively, pick one or two faces out of the crowd- on opposite ends- and make them your stop/ eye connect points.
That student emailed back to say she tried them and nailed her work presentation! Now it’s your turn.
Have you tried any of these techniques? Got another one that works for you? Share in the comments below.
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