Tranquility, Insight, and Awakening: A Conversation

In today’s seeking world of commercialized spirituality, it can be hard to find a path that is wholesome, sustainable, and effective beyond a short-term solution to our stress. Or we can end up meditating for years and still experience a deep dissatisfaction.
What if there is a freedom available that is lasting and satisfying? It doesn’t fix life or take away pain and discomfort, but rather re-orients us to a way of experiencing the world that is healthy, rewards, and entails less suffering. And what if rather than being some magical fairy-tale state it is profoundly simple and– at its heart– totally ordinary? That’s not to say it’s easy!
Join Paul Pheasey for conversations surrounding these topics. Come as you are.
Dates: Fridays, Oct 18th, Nov 1st, Nov 22ndTime: 6-7:30pm*Please note this is not a series–these are stand alone events*
Location: Mindful Movement Pilates Studio, Ocean Park Mall, 1667 128th St in South Surrey.
While attendance is free ***PLEASE REGISTER TO ATTEND*** by emailing:

Paul has been a meditation practitioner since 2004, though he traces his seeking of the ‘Truth’ back to his early teens and even the innocence of childhood wonder. After many years as a senior practitioner and teacher within a Vancouver meditation community, he became disillusioned and quit all practice for a time. Then in 2017 the seeking process picked itself back up again, and via great persistence, good guidance and systematic ‘meditation technology’, he found what he was looking for in 2018.

Paul is gently stepping out again in a teaching role to share what he has found and what helped, as well as to try to demystify what awakening is. He encourages people to aim high, and realize that what they are looking for in their heart of hearts truly is within reach. Paul is a happily married father-of-three, and was an acupuncturist and Co-Director of a successful local integrative wellness for a decade.

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