Yin Yoga is very popular with both athletes and new students. This class is very slow and mindful. Spending more time in each posture allows muscles to fully lengthen by accessing the dense fibrous ligaments and connective tissue of the joints. All of the postures are non-weight bearing and practiced in a seated position. The intention is to encourage circulation in less flexible areas, to lengthen and release deep connective tissue, especially in the joints closest to the core of the body: the hips, lower back, and the sacral area.
This class is a fusion of two best techniques for health of our connective tissue and joints. Combination of Body rolling and tapping and a few specific Yin yoga poses, is a perfect blend to nourish and lubricate connective tissue and joins in the human body. It will assist with general blood flow, enhance the body’s nutrient and oxygen supply and waste disposal, improves general mobility in joints and release of tense areas. All of the above helps to reduce overall stress, mental or physical, which leads to more relaxed mind and body.

Energy to burn? Come get your Power on! Strengthening and challenging this class will empower you inside & out! 75 min warm class that incorporates powerful poses bound together by vinyasa.


Connection, fluidity and movement, this practice will get your prana flow’in! Vinyasa flow combines movement with breath for the ultimate energy release for a more vigorous practice. It is a full body workout using breath and Vinyasa flow moments to link each posture to the next. This stimulates more upper body strength gain, and allows students to take practice to the next level by encouraging balance and integrating inversions.

Our best use of an hour! All of our teachers offer up a well balanced class, beautifully sequenced, incorporating strength, opening & flexibility.

Same vibe as our traditional power just a little added extra heat!! Perfect opportunity to use inner fire for transformation.

Restorative yoga is a therapeutic practice that promotes deep relaxation through lengthy supported poses.  It also combines some breath work, guided meditation and hands-on energy work. Props such as bolsters, blocks & blankets are used for each pose to bring you to a deep relaxation, letting go of tension.  Whether due to anxiety, recovering from illness or injury, or everyday stressors, this practice has a great capacity for connecting you to your inner healer, to your body, emotions,  mind and intuition.

New or experienced yoga students alike, all benefit from taking time with Self to honor, connect and renew.  Warm, loose clothing is recommended as well as bringing an extra blanket to soften your mat, heightening your restorative experience.

**To ensure your utmost comfort and experience in your restorative practice, there is a  maximum of 12 students. It is recommended you book ahead for this class.

This class takes the basic 90 min hot original Bikram Series and shortens it to a hour class, making the best use of the sequence and your time. Reflective of the old skool series taught way back when, this class will offer some slightly different variations with appropriate modifications.


This is a yoga for everyone who wants to cope with life. Through the science of Kriyas, chanting, vibration, dancing, movement, & meditation. We harness the energy of the mind, & the emotions, so we are in control of ourselves. Balancing & strengthening your glandular & nervous system.

This is your invitation to loosen up/tune-up. In the interest of creating positive changes.

Discover your true identity.


Our Zen Strength / Sculpt is a hot yoga class that incorporates sculpt and strength through moves that use balance, weights, and body movements to help define the muslces. 

Options are always yours, and this class includes everyone.

This HOT class is meant to bring your week to a full end and land you right on your mat. HEAT meets the mat, and lands you right into your weekend. Freedom awaits you with this fun filled class.

This class brings you the best of Yin postures as well as release work with RAD system trigger point balls and rollers to stretch out and release the week’s tension and restore you back to start your Monday.

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